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The Battle of Trasimeno 4D


The Battle of Trasimeno 4D video.

About the video

The Associazione Culturale TuoMuseo – Impresa Sociale, thanks to the supervision of the historical events supported by Space S.p.A., creator of the project, is proud to present a small preview of “La Battaglia del Trasimeno 4D”.
An animated video that faithfully traces all the phases of the famous “Battle of the Trasimeno”, which took place in 217 BC. among the Roman legions, led by the consul Gaius Flaminius, and the Carthaginian troops at the service of the dreaded general Hannibal.

A painstaking reconstruction in which the viewer relives the dramatic moments of one of the most terrible and bitter defeats in the history of ancient Rome.

From the troops marching in the thick fog, to the desperate search for the enemy through the valleys of Tuoro, till the ambushes inflicted by the Galli mercenaries and the Numidian Cavalry, to the unaware Roman infantry.
Events that culminate with the killing of Gaius Flaminius and the total defeat of his troops.

The video can be viewed in the 4D projection room, in the “Annibale al Trasimeno Museum” in Tuoro (PG – Italy), and it features “side-by-side“ stereoscopy, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and environmental effects.

To better introduce the audience to the historical context of this bloody clash, we used some scenes designed by the skilful hand of the artist Massimiliano Cimato.

The battle scenes were supervised by a team of historians and rebuilt thanks to the video game “Total War: Rome II” by The Creative Assembly, who kindly gave us permission to use their software in this project.

The Associazione Culturale TuoMuseo – Impresa Sociale proposes itself as technological partner for the creation of similar projects, for the reconstruction of battles and historical events that characterized our culture and our civilization.

July 2017


TuoMuseo for Space S.p.A.

3D Vision

Stereoscopic “Side by Side”

4D Experience

Enviromental effects

Dolby Surround 5.1

Multi-channel audio